Ozone Forum of India is a common platform created for the practitioners of Ozone Therapy in India. It reaches out to the practitioners by empowering them with valuable roles such as

  • Creating awareness with patients and doctors
  • Sharing clinical experience and knowledge
  • Ensuring common procedural practices
  • Ensuring Best Quality of Methods practice for patient wellness
  • Researching newer techniques for quick and efficient redressal of disease symptoms

etc. to list a few.

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"Ozone promotion for betterment of human life is our motto"

~ Bisleri Trust


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94th Training Programme
to be held at Mumbai on 13, 14 & 15 of May 2023...
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Annual Conference 2023
in Mumbai on 28, 29, 30 Apr 2023 was a huge success...
Image 04Madrid Declaration:
Mar 13, 2013: We sign the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy...
Image 04New Feature Launch
14 Jan 2012: Statewise Clickable Map for list of Practising Doctors...