The Modern World inspite of all its luxuries is full of:
Tremendous stress, Environmental Pollution, Junk food or Fast food eating habits, Little or No time for relaxation

As a Result most of us have:

Increase in levels of stress hormones
Increase in Reactive Oxygen Species or Free radicals
Increase in oxidative stress
Failure of anti oxidative enzymes to cope with this excess levels of Oxidants
Chronic oxidative stress disorders

Introducing: Ozone Therapy:

A very powerful tool to overcome or correct this chronic oxidative stress. It stimulates body’s anti oxidative enzymes to fight the bombardment of ROS It helps mop the toxins (detoxification)

OZONE THERAPY was discovered in Germany well over one hundred years ago but did not come in common use till recently. It is now becoming more popular in various parts of the world. Ozone therapy is safe, simple and painless. Ozone can not be given directly through nose like oxygen. Exact measured quantities of Ozone gas are administered through rectum as an enema, vagina, eardrums, mixed in blood or saline infusions. Ozone gas and ozonated oils are also applied over the affected parts and ulcers for quick healing. Each treatment takes only a few minutes. No anesthesia is required and patients can talk cheerfully during the treatment. These sessions are given two or three times weekly for total of about 15 to 20 sittings. It may be continued thereafter if needed.

It is also a great therapy for:

While stimulating these anti oxidative enzymes, it also stimulates entire metabolic process of the cell leading to increase in Energy (rejuvenation)

Preventive Tool:
By detoxifying and rejuvenating the body, Ozone normalizes various body systems. It can protect against a number of chronic stress related diseases. In other words, most old-age diseases. Thus, it offers better insurance than mediclaim!

Click here to know in detail the diseases that can be treated with Ozone Therapy.

Advantages of Ozone Therapy:

Low cost
No side effects
Simple, easy and quick administration.
No scary looking machines or hard to understand procedures.
No pain or discomfort during or following the therapy.


There are a few conditions like G6PD deficiency, active bleeding, Ozone allergy where Ozone must be avoided.

While taking Ozone Treatment, abruptly stopping the ongoing current treatment or modifying the dosage without doctor’s knowledge can be dangerous. Ozone Therapy usually consists of 10 procedures during one cycle. 2 or 3 cycles a year are recommended for chronic conditions.

Discuss and know the limitations of Ozone Therapy and then Sign the consent form!

Get in touch with an Ozone Practitioner in your vicinity now and know how it can help in your condition.

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