Some of the articles and papers published in the field of Ozone Therapy are listed below.

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Sr Title Author Format
1 Scientific and Medical Aspects of Ozone Therapy : State of the Art Dr. Velio Bocci
2 International Journal on Ozone TherapySafety of Topical Oleozon in the Treatmentof Tinea Pedis Phase IV Clinical Trial Dr. Silvia Menendez and others
3 Total Clinical and Radiological Resolution of Acute, Massive Lumbar Disc Prolapse by
Ozonucleolysis: The First Indian Case Report from 2005
Dr. Vijay Sheel Kumar
4 Intraforaminal O2-O3: Randomized controlled trial Dr. Matteo Bonetti and others
5 Ozone Nucleolysis for Management of Pain and Disability in Prolapsed Lumber Intervertebral Disc Dr. Gautam Das and others
6 Intradiscal injection of Oxygen -Ozone and intraforaminal steroid for the treatment of prolapsed intervertebral disc: 4 years follow up Dr. Asmita Karnalkar, Dr. Pratap Karnalkar

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