Ozone (O3) is a gas mostly found in the upper strata of the atmosphere known as the “Stratosphere”.

Ozone is also found in smaller quantities in the “Troposphere” which is the atmospheric band closest to Earth.


The presence of Ozone in the Stratosphere blocks harmful Ultra Violet radiation from the Sun and hence is helpful.

The ozone molecule consists of three atoms of oxygen; it’s chemical formula is O3.

Gaseous ozone is bluish in color and has a pungent, distinctive smell. The name ozone is derived from the Greek word ‘ozein’, meaning "to smell or reek." The smell of ozone can often be experienced near electrical transformers or nearby lightning strikes. It is formed in these instances when an electrical discharge breaks an oxygen molecule (O2) into free oxygen atoms (O), which then combine with O2 in the air to make O3.

Popular Uses of Ozone:

  • Drinking Water treatment & disinfection
  • Waste-water treatment
  • Air de-odorisation & purification
  • Swimming pool Water treatment
  • Organic chemical synthesis & purification
  • Bleaching
  • Food products preservation
  • Process Water treatment & purificationt a few.
  • Aqua-culture

  however the best use of Ozone gas so far has been its usage as a medical therapeutic mode.

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